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September 30, 2002

A little history on the merchandise offered on this site.  Probably 95% is from my personal collection.  Most of these items have been purchased over the last 30 years or so and in the case of comics, at actual cover prices.  With that in mind, in many instances we will have only one (1) of most items so when they're gone, they're gone.  In 1972, when I began pretty much collecting in earnest, I was 16.

Overall, we have priced many of the comics at Very Fine.  In actuality, most if not many comics are Near Mint or Mint in condition.  Most comics, especially in the late 80's or 90's have never even been read.  Because of that, I do not want to get in any grading debating wars.  We will make every attempt to price comics very reasonably in accordance to their condition.  We are simply trying to sell a product at a fair price to you the consumer and trying to recoup some of my investment over the years.

All comics sold will be sent bagged and boarded unless they are of a size that is unusual which should not happen very often.  In some cases, we will take a picture and/or scan a cover on some comics that are very valuable at your request so that you can actually see what condition the comic is in.

Please bear with us as this site is a work in progress and there is well in excess of 12,000 comics to post and at one time that number was and may still be around 17,000, to give you an idea of the collection.  We do not have an exact count at this time.

You will discover a wide variety of merchandise on this site from comics, to action figures, Star Trek and Star Wars items, models, etc.  There may even be a surprise here and there along the way so return often as the site is updated and check the News for update information.

Please enjoy your visit here.  Thank you.

Leslie Libal

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