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Super-Team Family
Comic_Title Issue_# Notes Condition Quantity Cover_Price Selling_Price  
Super-Team Family 10 Includes reprint from Doom Patrol (1st Series) #88; Reprint from Doom Patrol (1st Series) #88; Challengers of the Unknown story; Doom Patrol story VF-NM 1 0.50 10.50
Super-Team Family 11 Flash, Atom, Supergirl; Flash, Atom, Supergirl story VF-NM 1 0.60 12.50
Super-Team Family 12 Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom; Includes reprint from The Brave and the Bold #42; Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom story; Reprint from The Brave and the Bold #42; Jeff Albrecht LOC VF-NM 1 0.60 11.00
Super-Team Family 14 Wonder Woman, Atom; Continued from Secret Society of Super-Villains #10 VF-NM 1 0.60 10.50
Super-Team Family 15 Final Issue; Flash & The New Gods; Flash & The New Gods story VF-NM 1 0.60 11.50

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